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Property Investment

Buy to Let Investments

We can help you profit from the property market.

Whether you are an experienced property investor and professional Landlord or you are thinking of investing in your first Buy-To-Let property, we are always are to help and offer our expert advice, with our market knowledge and expertise we can guide you to buy the right property at the right time and also achieve the best rents.

Here are a few points to consider when thinking of  a Buy-To-Let investment;

  1. Market Research: – Always research the area you are thinking of investing in, look for average rents & property prices and what the rental demand is like for that area. The more research you do, the more chance you have of your investment paying off. Speak to our sales team who will be more than happy to offer you some advice.
  2. Do Your Maths: – Before you start viewing properties make sure you sit down and crunch some numbers, look at the cost of buying the house and your potential rental income.  Also, speak to a mortgage advisor to find out what your mortgage repayments are likely to be so you can off-set this figure against the rental income. We work with a number of reputable mortgage advisor therefore feel free to ask and we can point you in the right direction.
  3. It’s a Long Term Investment: – The London property market has changed over the years and the days of overnight capital growth have steadily decreased therefore always forecast your Buy-To-Let property as a long term investment.
  4. Consider the Risks: – With any financial investment comes an element of risk, be sure to investigate any negative aspects of the market at the time of buying. Will house prices fall? Will you be able to sustain your mortgage if the property is empty for a given period? These are potential issues that could arise when investing in the property market.

Contact our Sales & Letting teams for any further advice or pop in and see us.


PLEASE NOTE: As of April 2016 the Government are introducing new But-To-Let Stamp Duty rates, click here for more information.